Community Groups

Gospel-Driven Community

Human beings were created for community – for relationships where we are known and loved. At the fall, sin fractured not only our relationship with our Creator God, but also our relationships with one another. The good news is that Jesus, through His death and resurrection, restores our relationship with God and makes it possible for us to experience restored relationships with one another (Eph. 2:11-22). This gospel-driven community forms the context in which God works in and through our lives. At Living Water, the primary way we pursue and live out gospel-driven community is through Community Groups.

What is a Community Group?

Community Groups are the backbone of our church – the primary place where you will be guided closer in your walk with Jesus Christ. Made up of men and women from all walks of life, CGs gather throughout the week to know and love one another, help one another increasingly worship Jesus in all of life, and spread the beauty of Jesus to those around us. Community Groups are much more than a weekly event; it’s a group of people to do life with, powered by the grace of God.

What is a Community Group?

Next Steps

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