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What Is A Community Group?

Community Groups are the backbone of our church – the primary place where you will be guided closer in your walk with Jesus Christ. Made up of men and women from all walks of life, CGs gather throughout the week to know and love one another, study along with the Living Water sermon series, and pray for one another (Acts 2:42). Community Groups are much more than a weekly event; it’s a group of people to do life with, powered by the grace of God.


> Where do Community Groups meet?

CGs gather in homes throughout Clark County throughout the week (we have groups on every night of the week, except for Saturdays).

> How many people are in a Community Group?

CGs range in size from 10-20 adults (+ children).

> Can I bring my kids?

Yes! CGs are all about doing life together, so we encourage you to bring your whole family. Note: A few of our groups are not set up for children, so before you visit a group, make sure to check on the CG finder that they have childcare available.

> How can I sign up to try a CG?

Use the CG finder to find a group near you and click the link to “request to join” the group on CCB. The leaders of that group will reach out to you within 48 hours with the details on where the group meets and anything else you’ll need to know for your visit.

Got a question not answered here? Contact us.