Mission & Values

We exist to make known the beauty of Jesus in all of life

Jesus gave His Church one mission: to make disciples who love and follow Him in all of life (Matt. 28:18-20). How do we do this? By making known the beauty of Jesus. You will hear this phrase a lot at Living Water, because this is what our church is all about. What do we mean by this? Well…
Everybody longs for beauty. God made us this way. We all long for something that will make our heart sing – to really feel alive – and we look in all sorts of places to fulfill this longing. The problem is we look in the wrong places to satisfy our longings, and this leads to brokenness in our lives. The good news is Jesus came to rescue us from our brokenness and bring us into true life with God. This gospel isn’t just for someday; it completely transforms our everyday life here and now. All of life gets better as we increasingly see and enjoy the true and better beauty of Jesus Christ.
So as God’s people, we exist to enjoy and spread this good news we’ve found. This means we seek to help non-Christians see the beauty of Jesus for the first time, while we also help one another see the beauty of Jesus more and more in the everyday things of life. Everything we do as a church is ultimately about making known the beauty of Jesus for the glory of God, for our joy, and the flourishing of our city.
How do we pursue this enormous mission? Through our core values: gospel-driven worship, gospel-driven community, and gospel-driven mission. Keep scrolling to learn more about our each core value.

Gospel Centered worship

Worship is more than the songs we sing; its an expression of whatever our heart loves most. The reason Jesus talks so much about our heart is because whatever we worship drives our actions and determines the amount of life we walk in. So at Living Water, we talk often about the functional worship of our lives – repenting often of the idols we look to to satisfy us and, through the gospel, pursuing true, soul-satisfying worship of God alone.

Gospel centered community

Church isn’t a building or a service you attend, its a community of believers you do life with. Jesus designed the Church this way, because we are created in the image of a God who exists in perfect community – we need each other. Since our church community forms the context in which the Spirit of God transforms us, we are committed to pursuing relationships of mutual love, care, and authenticity with other members of our church family. After all, sanctification is not a solo project. At Living Water, the primary way we pursue and live out gospel-driven community is through Community Groups.

Gospel-centered mission

We are a church of missionaries, a church where every member is on mission to declare and demonstrate the beauty of Jesus in the neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces where God has placed us. We love our city, and are focused on seeing Vancouver transformed by the gospel. This happens, not as we all quit our jobs and start doing street evangelism, but rather as we each faithfully approach our normal, everyday lives with prayerful, gospel intentionality.