Kids Ministry

What To Expect


Before the service, head to the Kids Check In where we get your child checked in to their classroom. There, you and your child will receive corresponding name tags that will ensure that your child is safely checked out after the service.

Class Time

During the service, all children get to play alongside their peers with a variety of developmentally appropriate materials. Activities will include eating a yummy snack as well as hearing and engaging in a gospel-centered Bible lesson.

Pick Up

As the service nears its conclusion, we ask that all parents pick up their children from their classrooms to join the congregation. Our aim is to have parents model for their kids the worship of God, repentance of sin, and participation in communion. We hope that modeling the foundations of our faith for them will encourage them to trust in Christ.

Our Curriculum

Our kids are currently going through curriculum from The Gospel Project. Every week, we teach our kids these core gospel truths:
  • God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things
  • We have sinned and fall short of God's glory
  • God sent His Son to die for our sins
  • Through Jesus Christ, we have forgiveness for our sins
  • We get to respond to this gift in worship and thankfulness

Serving Opportunities

If you're interested in serving in our Kids Ministry, please apply here! We have a variety of opportunities and needs, so if you have any questions, contact Melissa Scott!

Melissa Scott

Director, Kids Ministry